Cloud & Molecular Aesthetics talk


I’m looking forward to next week’s Cloud & Molecular Aesthetics conference in Istanbul! Mercifully this is my only talk in June.

In other news, I’ve finished my classes and my marking, and am settling into Sydney winter. So far it’s a lot like California winter, or SF summer.

Talks in May

I have managed to schedule four talks this month! May seemed far away, until it wasn’t.

Last Thursday I presented my research to a group of COFA postgrads and faculty. These are really nice little informal talks where new staff introduce their work to interested postgrads. So far they have been well attended by other new staff as well as students. It’s been a very collegial way to meet people.

Tonight, I’m one of three presenters at the weekly COFA Talks public lecture. I’m talking about eating glow. Here are the details from the COFA talks web page:

Art and the Ethics of Eating
Panel: Lindsay Kelley, Tessa Zettle and Diego Bonetto
When: Tues, May 6
Where: COFA lecture theatre: EGO2
Cnr Oxford Street and Greens Road
Paddington, NSW
Hours: 6-8pm

Then on Wednesday I’ll be speaking (briefly!) at an event sponsored by NIEA called Art & Politics: Where are they now?

Last, find me at Dorkbot on 29 May.

I think/hope that’s all!

Have a photo of my students and a Sydney heat monster:


AirSpace Projects at the end of the month

I’ve been busy here at COFA working on my book and preparing for classes to start in a few weeks. I’ll be in the inaugural show at AirSpace Projects in Marrickville, called Democracy of Drawing. Please turn up for the opening on February 28 if you’re in the area!


UNSW in the fall/spring

Starting in October, I’ll be joining the faculty of the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales.

Meanwhile, I’m getting organized for the move, poking my book, and working on a definition of “Tranimals” for a new journal called Transgender Studies Quarterly. I’m also enjoying some time off work–my last day at PLOS was last Friday.

Thanks for a great week, UToronto!

First things first: I migrated my google reader over to feedly, which produced this appropriate title for my “art” feed:


I had so much fun last week at the University of Toronto. The Jackman Humanities Institute invited me to give a lecture and make some recipe art in one of the university’s industrial kitchens. I have tons of video and photo documentation–let’s see when I get to that…documentation is the hardest part! Anyone lucky enough to be in art school should push for documentation training above all else. And some press relations training wouldn’t hurt either.

After Toronto, Eva Hayward and I made specimen jars full of preserved fibers and pharmaceutical cocktails. We’re still figuring out how to talk about the project, so for now, have an image and a materials list:


Preservations (fiber, egg, glitter, soy estrogen, soymilk, water, latex gloves, salt, rice, couscous, ink, fantasy snow, prints, glass, vessels, illuminated glass orbs, antibiotics, granite, tamarind pods, plastic bags, plastic wrap, glue, oil)

portfolio site

Something is better than nothing:

Science & Justice love

Thank you, UCSC Science and Justice Research Center, for including bon appetit in this lovely roundup of recent journal issues edited by current and former members!

Recent special issues edited by Science & Justice members, past and present

This is where I tweet

@ExtremeBaking (“Extreme Baking” is a cool art project about fungus and care packages, but it’s on hold while I’m working on other things. Meanwhile I tweet here and follow people who send care packages and people who make art and people who are my friends.)

@TotalArtJournal (I am the official TAJ tweeter. I should do more. I follow our authors, when I can find them, and lots of artists and art orgs.)

Sometimes I drop out of Twitter for weeks, it’s really unpredictable.

parallax 66, 'bon appetit': a presentation and conversation about the issue & the alimentary

parallax 66, ‘bon appetit’: a presentation and conversation about the issue & the alimentary

Join me in Toronto on Wednesday 13 March 2013, 4:00 –6:00 p.m.
170 St. George Street, Jackman Humanities Building Room 100

Download the flyer for the event…

Download the issue introduction, “Amuse Gueule”

Upcoming guest lecture at SFAI

My colleague Martha Kenney, visiting faculty in Interdisciplinary Studies at the San Francisco Art Institute, has kindly invited me to join her “Poetics and Politics of Biology” class on February 21. I’ll be talking about the essay I wrote with Eva Hayward for parallax 66, “Carnal Light.” I’ll also be talking about the word “bioart” and the word “posthumanism.” Because we pushed the limits of our page count for the issue, I published this work without any images at all. Eva and I decided that if we couldn’t have green, we might as well not have anything. I plan to stop punishing myself and bring the pictures back with this talk. Look for a bloated prezi sometime after the 21st.