Ballistic Bundts at the Powerhouse Museum

Please visit the exhibition Human Non Human at the Powerhouse Museum to see an installation of my Ballistic Bundt sculptures.

Art, science and speculation converge in Human non Human, an exhibition that asks the questions: What makes us human? How might humans adapt in the future?

Addressing four fundamental aspects of human experience: Food, […]

SLSA, more

This blog is extremely embarrassing! Here I am over a year after my last post. I just linked to Patriarchy Hurts and reminded myself that this blog exists. There is a lot of news, there isn’t much news at all–for now I will just say that I hope to see lots of friends at SLSA […]

Having bad sex with the Earth

Reading Elizabeth Wilson’s Gut Feminism tonight…and yesterday a colleague and I sent off a panel proposal called, yes, “Having bad sex with the Earth” (more details on that asap, as soon as we’re accepted–and how could we not be with that title? I predict full house! Free condoms all around!).

Wilson writes about the need for […]

Bioart Kitchen, it's alive!

My first book is a real thing in the world.

A kind former student has started a big archive of tweets, to be dispatched from @BioartKitchen over the next few weeks. Tune in for that preview, and also stay tuned for US and Australia distribution. Garage sale is on in my office, for anyone who knows where that […]

Neolife SLSA & NEAF

My portrait by Deborah Kelly! Title: Sparkling Lindsay

I’ll be involved in three events next week in Perth.

SLSA Neolife
Panel: Rituals, Food and Other Anthropologies
10:50am – 12:10pm
Room: Theatre Auditorium (I will be honoured to act as chair, & my paper will be about: “Lively Soil: Nourishing Indigestion with Geophagy”

Then at NEAF, I’ll figure in the education […]

Instead of another batch of Patriarchy Hurts, have some art

I’ve been feeling another instalment of Patriarchy Hurts, but let’s postpone that. Instead, I’d like to share an early prototype for my new project. The working title, Extreme Baking, inspired my Twitter handle. I’ve been moving away from Extreme Baking and toward Cultures of Home for a title. Not sure yet. & you know what, […]

Bioart Kitchen in production

At last, my book is off my desk and in production with IB Tauris in London! Yay! Look for it late in the year, not sure exactly when. Also still not sure of the cover image but I will post it when I have it!

Stop by next Friday for First Friday at UNSW Art & […]

Liquid food @UNSW

I guess the slick way to do this would have been to post this a few weeks ago so as to attract my throngs of internet readers to this event, but that didn’t happen. Today I’ll be doing a farewell tasting session of Dysphagiac–the accompanying essay is currently slotted in to be the epilogue for […]

The Multispecies Salon

Coming soon! Also there is a beautiful website: (my page)

A new approach to writing culture has arrived: multispecies ethnography. Plants, animals, fungi, and microbes appear alongside humans in this singular book about natural and cultural history. Anthropologists have collaborated with artists and biological scientists to illuminate how diverse organisms are entangled in political, […]


One of my postgrad students is competing in Sydney’s first aquascaping contest at the Sydney Aquarium and Pond Expo!

I’m looking forward to it, and this is an excuse to post pictures of cool aquariums: