Neolife SLSA & NEAF

My portrait by Deborah Kelly! Title: Sparkling Lindsay

I’ll be involved in three events next week in Perth.

SLSA Neolife
Panel: Rituals, Food and Other Anthropologies
10:50am – 12:10pm
Room: Theatre Auditorium (I will be honoured to act as chair, & my paper will be about: “Lively Soil: Nourishing Indigestion with Geophagy”

Then at NEAF, I’ll figure in the education […]

Instead of another batch of Patriarchy Hurts, have some art

I’ve been feeling another instalment of Patriarchy Hurts, but let’s postpone that. Instead, I’d like to share an early prototype for my new project. The working title, Extreme Baking, inspired my Twitter handle. I’ve been moving away from Extreme Baking and toward Cultures of Home for a title. Not sure yet. & you know what, […]