Bioart Kitchen in production

At last, my book is off my desk and in production with IB Tauris in London! Yay! Look for it late in the year, not sure exactly when. Also still not sure of the cover image but I will post it when I have it!

Stop by next Friday for First Friday at UNSW Art & Design, which will include the option to visit open studios from current Honours students on the 1st and 3rd floors of F block. I’ve been working with them on their required essays this semester and they are an excellent group of artists, worth checking out.

I’ve been busy teaching and taking care of my mom, who had a stroke last month. She’s made a remarkable recovery from a very severe event. I keep returning to the eclectic meanings we ascribe to the word “stroke”: An act of striking; a blow given or received. The mark left by a blow; a bruise, wound, cut. Point of impact; place hit by a missile. Shock or forcible impact of a moving body; impact or incidence of moving particles, light, etc. the first stroke : the beginning of a war. With conscious metaphor: An act which causes pain, injury, or death; often, an act of divine chastisement or vengeance. A calamitous event; †a ‘blow’ to, upon (a person, institution, etc.). A damaging or destructive discharge (of lightning).

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