Liquid food @UNSW

I guess the slick way to do this would have been to post this a few weeks ago so as to attract my throngs of internet readers to this event, but that didn’t happen. Today I’ll be doing a farewell tasting session of Dysphagiac–the accompanying essay is currently slotted in to be the epilogue for my book, and I feel like I’m in a bit of a transition…and one way to facilitate transition must surely be letting go of old things. So, barring further exhibition opportunities for my speculative kitchen appliance, today will be Dysphagiac‘s swan song. I made a placemat to accompany the tasting. I’m planning to walk tasters through it in the moment so the citations aren’t the best, but the taste test comes from Diseased Pariah News, and the photo of the bride-to-be with a tube is from Linda Lee’s “Bridal Hunger Games:┬áLosing Weight in Time for the Wedding.”┬áThe film stills are from The Matrix, Wall-E, and Sick.

And I put together a slow moving slide deck of inspiring things, again uncredited throughout.


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