Talks in May

I have managed to schedule four talks this month! May seemed far away, until it wasn’t.

Last Thursday I presented my research to a group of COFA postgrads and faculty. These are really nice little informal talks where new staff introduce their work to interested postgrads. So far they have been well attended by other new staff as well as students. It’s been a very collegial way to meet people.

Tonight, I’m one of three presenters at the weekly COFA Talks public lecture. I’m talking about eating glow. Here are the details from the COFA talks web page:

Art and the Ethics of Eating
Panel: Lindsay Kelley, Tessa Zettle and Diego Bonetto
When: Tues, May 6
Where: COFA lecture theatre: EGO2
Cnr Oxford Street and Greens Road
Paddington, NSW
Hours: 6-8pm

Then on Wednesday I’ll be speaking (briefly!) at an event sponsored by NIEA called Art & Politics: Where are they now?

Last, find me at Dorkbot on 29 May.

I think/hope that’s all!

Have a photo of my students and a Sydney heat monster:


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