Thanks for a great week, UToronto!

First things first: I migrated my google reader over to feedly, which produced this appropriate title for my “art” feed:


I had so much fun last week at the University of Toronto. The Jackman Humanities Institute invited me to give a lecture and make some recipe art in one of the university’s industrial kitchens. I have tons of video and photo documentation–let’s see when I get to that…documentation is the hardest part! Anyone lucky enough to be in art school should push for documentation training above all else. And some press relations training wouldn’t hurt either.

After Toronto, Eva Hayward and I made specimen jars full of preserved fibers and pharmaceutical cocktails. We’re still figuring out how to talk about the project, so for now, have an image and a materials list:


Preservations (fiber, egg, glitter, soy estrogen, soymilk, water, latex gloves, salt, rice, couscous, ink, fantasy snow, prints, glass, vessels, illuminated glass orbs, antibiotics, granite, tamarind pods, plastic bags, plastic wrap, glue, oil)

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  • kase

    Hi Lindsay,

    My name is Kase, I’m a student at UC Davis. I’ve been attending the Sawyer Seminar which is a seminar on Indigenous Cosmopolitics. As a result, I think, I have become very interested in STS. I’m signed up for a class on Speculative Fabulation in Fall which I’m very excited. Anyways I was looking up STS speculative fabulation and your paper came up on In-Vitro meat “art projects acting as sts research: collaboration and consumption in vitro”. I read the abstract and was super excited to read it but I couldn’t find a way to download it. I looked around and saw on another paper that cites your piece, that yours is unpublished. All of this said, is there a way I could read a copy of your paper?



  • lk

    hi! I’m going to email you, and we’ll figure out pdfs!

    that paper wasn’t very tangible, it was just a talk that never quite made it to paper status, but there are some finished things that you may be interested in.

    thanks for posting a comment!

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