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Thank you, UCSC Science and Justice Research Center, for including bon appetit in this lovely roundup of recent journal issues edited by current and former members!

Recent special issues edited by Science & Justice members, past and present

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@ExtremeBaking (“Extreme Baking” is a cool art project about fungus and care packages, but it’s on hold while I’m working on other things. Meanwhile I tweet here and follow people who send care packages and people who make art and people who are my friends.)

@TotalArtJournal (I am the official TAJ tweeter. I should do more. […]

parallax 66, 'bon appetit': a presentation and conversation about the issue & the alimentary

parallax 66, ‘bon appetit’: a presentation and conversation about the issue & the alimentary

Join me in Toronto on Wednesday 13 March 2013, 4:00 –6:00 p.m.
170 St. George Street, Jackman Humanities Building Room 100

Download the flyer for the event…

Download the issue introduction, “Amuse Gueule”

Upcoming guest lecture at SFAI

My colleague Martha Kenney, visiting faculty in Interdisciplinary Studies at the San Francisco Art Institute, has kindly invited me to join her “Poetics and Politics of Biology” class on February 21. I’ll be talking about the essay I wrote with Eva Hayward for parallax 66, “Carnal Light.” I’ll also be talking about the word “bioart” […]