laminar flow stomach: building a cuff for the hepa filter

Tonight I attached a pleated fused plastic cuff to a hepa filter.

Why, you may ask? Here is some language I’ve been working on to describe the eventual outcome of this pleated plastic madness:

The inability to swallow marks a turn away from humanist conceptions of sustenance. The dysphagiac no longer has access to the social apparatus […]

A sampler platter of man stories: Patriarchy hurts!

I could have made a much longer list, but these are the ones that are funny:

A well-behaved foot fetishist in a London department store: wearing a parka, visibly excited, lots of space on the couches next to him. We continue trying on shoes and averting our eyes. He knows how long to stay: 15 minutes.
Standing […]

Aaron Swartz, are you the third death?

Death comes in threes, always has (until it comes in 4s and 5s, but there is always a 3 in there at some point!). Aaron Swartz, you will be the third death, after my late cousin Patricia, after Beatriz da Costa. Three is a good number. Three opens something up. Three stops me from thinking […]

parallax 66 cover!

We have our proofs for bon appétit! Cover image is Kate MccGwire, Evacuate installed at the Mansion House, Tatton Park.