Carnal Light Blog

Watch this space:

Eva and I are spewing out everything to do with carnal light, bio-light, glow, the sea, jellyfish, rabbits, human animals. We’re just getting started. It’s in a raw state, and might be pruned later, so read while the reading is good…before we cut ourselves…

Feed the tube

Two essays have recently been “put to bed”–in one case I the work is in press, in the other case, the ms has gone to the publisher. So when I opened up my laptop on the plane yesterday, I was not sure what to do! It was so weird that the two documents I have […]

The oracle of no

A friend just told me I am “very wise about death.” This is a tremendous compliment. My confidence comes from knowing that I can “do death.” So what can’t I do? A dangerous logic. In my reply to this compliment, I jumped to how one might professionalize death skills. This speaks to my frame of […]

Toronto dates

I have dates for two events in Toronto next year.

Feeding Tubes, March 12 (workshop for participants in the Jackman Humanities Institute’s 2012-2013 “Food” research–not open to the public but please be in touch if you are interested, maybe we can figure something out)

parallax 66: bon appetit, March 13, 4-6 pm location TBA

Let me know if […]

Did someone have to sit on the bed?

I recently had to bow out of conducting a set of interviews while I was visiting our Cambridge office. I asked how the interviews went, and it was revealed that the interviews were conducted at a hotel in the city center.

With three people involved, it seemed perfectly logical for me to make a sad face […]

On 35, and running

At last, I can run for the US presidency.

I like aging. It’s a relief to be alive, to find wiry grey hairs, to find wrinkles, to keep scars longer.

I haven’t been a runner, ever, politics or road, but I’ve been running again lately. It’s the only thing that stops my brain–not jogging, but sprinting. I […]