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I’ve been busy working at the Public Library of Science as the Editorial Board Manager for PLOS ONE. Soon, very soon, there will be lots of great tangible things ready to be shown as results of this work. So far it’s been about research: into science communication, into the professionalization of science, the role of publication in that, and the growing pains successful organizations like PLOS inevitably feel. Alas, not ready to share much. I’m planning to have a great talk ready for next year’s 4S in San Diego. Stunning new things are happening at PLOS.

More concrete irons in the fire include:

parallax 66, ‘bon appetit’ co-edited with Dr. Lynn Turner (January 2013): Most of the essays are being typeset right now! Look for a new one from me and Eva Hayward called ‘Carnal Light,’ about eating glowing matter.

Reviving research into tube food and dysphagia for a presentation at University of Toronto. Dates are still being firmed up, more soon!

I’m grateful for our coastline here in California. Warm wishes to everyone affected by Sandy.

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