Plumpiñon at Multispecies Salon in Santa Fe this weekend

Find plumpiñon at La Fonda hotel at 12:45 pm this Friday, May 7. I’ll be virtually there for a tasting. Plumpiñon is a handmade, subversive version of nutriset’s copyrighted humanitarian aid food Plumpy’nut. My version uses pine nuts instead of peanuts, commenting on native plant sourcing and local foods. I made a quick video for the SCA presentation where I talk about overlaps between my family history, the range of the pine tree, Cabeza de Vaca, and the Donner party.

Plumpiñon for Multispecies Salon from lindsay kelley on Vimeo.

Multispecies Meal & panel information:

Friday, May 7th
1:00pm- 2:45
La Fonda

The Multispecies Salon

Multispecies Meal (30:00) Audience members will be invited to eat ethnographic objects in the Multispecies Meal–a poster session of sorts. Food will be on offer from Heather Paxson (cheese), Jake Kosek (honey), the Matsutake Worlds Project (mushrooms), and Lindsay Kelley (Starvation Seeds), among others.
Carnal Light: Following the White Rabbit (15:00) Eva Hayward & Lindsay Kelley
The Umwelt of an Uncommon Ant (Ectatomma ruidum) through Multispecies Commodities and Spectacles (15:00) S. Eben Kirksey
The Church of Nano Bio Info Cogno (15:00) Reverend Praba Pilar

2 comments to Plumpiñon at Multispecies Salon in Santa Fe this weekend

  • Juanita De La O Gordon

    Hello: Via a strange course, I received your blog on Andrew D. Kelley. I am his great niece. My grandmother Juanita Narvaez and he were siblings. I and our cousin from another sibling Bill Kelley have been trying to put our family tree together. She in fact found your eulogy. Let us know if you are at all interested in this quest. I do have a picture of your grandfather as a very young man.

    Best Wishes.


  • lk

    I am interested in this quest! I am writing you an email, and all the best things,


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