Tranimals supporters flock to panel at Zoontotechnics conference in Cardiff!

Over the last three days, I’ve been attending an amazing conference called Zoontotechnics at Cardiff University. My panel, co-organized with Katie King, Lynn Turner, and Eva Hayward, was, if I do say so myself, quite good! I base this evaluation on not only our papers but by the discussion afterward, which was not simply a […]

Plumpiñon at Multispecies Salon in Santa Fe this weekend

Find plumpiñon at La Fonda hotel at 12:45 pm this Friday, May 7. I’ll be virtually there for a tasting. Plumpiñon is a handmade, subversive version of nutriset’s copyrighted humanitarian aid food Plumpy’nut. My version uses pine nuts instead of peanuts, commenting on native plant sourcing and local foods. I made a quick video for […]