So, I have established “tiers” in my grading–these artificial constructs make me feel more comfortable about being so behind.

First, a physical constraint: All paper submissions were graded first, because I could do that work on the plane/in transit. (Although Addie, I graded yours in Zion National Park, which should count for something.)

Then, everyone else: I’ve already graded and responded to everyone who is presenting tomorrow. The least I could do.

My next target group is the people presenting June 8. (done! Except for Carmella and Pegah whose videos I am struggling to play…and except for anyone who hasn’t turned it work yet.)

My last group is the people who have already presented earlier in the quarter.

If you are in this last group but are revising your eating project for your final and you want feedback sooner, please let me know. Happy to move you to the top of that list.

Now, you know the workings of my mind. Such as it is.