Next week, we will hear from:

_Scott Spitz______________________
Ryan Tekulve____________________
Larissa Bates____________________
Sean Murphy_____________________
_Jonathan Garduno_____

(I’m so sorry for the rampant name misspelling in this post!!! My only excuse is that I was transcribing from handwritten sign up sheets. I think everything is right now????)

There are a number of ways to present a paper. Our quick format (5-10 minutes) restricts these options somewhat, but the basic approaches still stand:

  1. Give us a guided tour of your paper. Explain your topic, examples, thesis, why it matters to you. Maybe you have some visual accompaniment, like images or film clips.
  2. Read from your paper. This is less ideal in short format, but is the academic conference standard practice. Sometimes this can be great, but often it’s pretty dry. If you choose to do this: 1) Rehearse and 2) Time yourself.
  3. You can always do a mix, reading a few key passages but talking through the rest in a more informal way.

I’d like to post drafts from participants on Tuesday, so class members can read the papers ahead of time. Discussion will be greatly enriched by doing this. So if you are presenting, do send your draft on Tuesday.