Each smaller project includes a draft workshop. The dates for the workshops are April 12, May 3, and May 24. We’ll take the last 45 min/hour of class for the workshop.

These workshops are meant to be quick and informal, giving you access to an extra pair of eyes to both inspire last minute changes and catch errors.

You will be in groups of 2-3, reading/critiquing 1-2 other projects.

Before exchanging/presenting projects, it can be helpful to tell your readers what kind of feedback you want, ie, proofreading, conceptual, contextual. It can be extremely helpful to have a draft of your artist statement available for your readers to review.

If you will be presenting, it might be smart to run through your presentation during the workshop. Or you could work on feedback on the project itself, if your presentation isn’t developed yet.

Optional ideas to structure your feedback:

What is this project about? What is the author’s intervention? (Can you summarize in 15 words?)

Which ideas need further development?

Which ideas are strong?

If this were your project, how would you expand into a larger final project?